Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Silhouette Cameo arrives today!! and Decorative Letter Challenge!

I love how my projects always seem to correlate with the Cricut Circle challenges! This weeks Challenge #54: Decorative Letter Challenge, just so happened to come along when I needed a few cards for the grandkids and family friends' kids! This little "girl" loves dinosaurs and can't believe her baby sister loves dolls! its hilarious to watch her tell her sister she can't bring that "thing" in her house! They are 5 and 2! So I came up with this:
Create a scrapbook page, card, home decor item, or other project where you include a word of your choice. One or more of the letters in your chosen word must be replaced by a Cricut shape. For example, replace the letter “o” in the word LOVE with a heart.
I used CCR and Imagine Hopscotch  for the background and Create a Critter for the title and dino. The dino is on a wobble! She loved it! Oh yea, and the hat is a banner from Imagine Yummy I flipped and added some glitter stars! She's only 5!
In other news on the homefront! I have a Silhouette Cameo arriving today!!! woohoo!! I'll get back to you on that! I love my cricuts but I've been very disappointed in them and CCR lately! and I love the Print and Cut feature on my very testy Imagine so I thought I'd give it a whirl with the Cameo!
Thanks for stopping by and Good luck to all my Circle friends!


MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Ohhhh a new toy! I totally love my Cameo! I'm sure you will too. I'm not going to give up on my Cricuts but have found ways to incorporate the two machines in my projects. My Cameo sits on top of my dusty Imagine LOL! Can't wait to see projects you make with the Cameo.

Love the dino card, btw! I love the embossing and how you made it girly. Thanks for sharing!

Scrappin Dhilly said...

I love your card, it is adorable. The embossing is the perfect touch! Can't wait to see your Cameo creations!

Carolyn/MamaC said...

What a fun post and adorable card!

Cindy@ said...

Super cute card.

Blog candy alert!