Thursday, February 9, 2012

Campin Mini for my DGS!

My DGS went on a camping trip to Colorado (brrrr...too cold today! and they had to wear jackets in July! We barely wear jackets here in December in Texas!) last summer and I've been wanting to make a mini for him. I used the Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge as my reason to do it NOW! I've got a birthday party this weekend for DGD and luckily I have some Dora decorations that I made last year thats going to help me a little this year. I posted those at this time last year! The Magazine Challenge is to use Cricut Craft Room. I don't stand much of a chance of winning, but it was fun making it just the same! I hope he likes it as much as I enjoyed making it!
Deadline is tomorrow! Finally finished yesterday. I had finished earlier but decided to add a back page due to the diecuts I had added on the previous last page! Thats why the challenges are good for me! I'd never be finished! LOL!

I used a whole pile of cartridges! Cricut Imagine and Legacy carts! The book is 11x7! I wanted him to have room for his 4x6 photos, so almost all of the frames on all of the pages are framed for a 4x6 pic. After I was about 1/2 way into the book I had watched a video about layering the images to print and cut on 1 page and not having to deal with the little bitty eyes. I don't like working with the little bitty eyes, but I'm not crazy about the image all printed in 1 layer either, so I did texturize the animals that I did print in 1 layer! That was easier than dealing with eyeballs! But I like the layers otherwise!
I used:
Imagine Better Together, Imagine Enjoy the Seasons, Campin Critters, Pooh and Friends, Imagine The Good Old Days, Cindy Lou, Create a Critter, Imagine Country Carnival, Imagine Nursery Tails, and the Cinch to bind the book. I usually add ribbon to the binding but since its for my DGS he would not like ribbon! I'm going to think about that and what to use in its place before I give it to him this weekend at DGD birthday party!
I used 3d paint on the marshmallow! Too cute! and stickles on the fire!
Thanks for stopping by! Maybe I've inspired you to make a mini?! I love them myself! I've gotten to love those better than regular scrapbooking! I've done a couple of digital books also! Love those too! 
Good luck to all my circlet friends!


Carolyn/MamaC said...

You are such a darling Grandma! What a fabulous gift for your grandson! Awesome work!

Beulah (Scrapngigi) said...

Great job and so much work went into this I know it was really liked by your grandson.

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