Sunday, July 25, 2010

Etched wedding glasses

Worked on etching the glasses for the wedding today! Fun and painful! Cricut needs a template for these on their wedding or TTK cart!! I used Calligraphy but it was a lot of work! But fun!
Also placed vinyl on my new wall opening today! Actually had to get help from my charming husband who just loves to help me! (I hear my son ROFL at that one!) I couldn't have done it without him! He even had a hard time in spots and he's a foot taller than I! I'll take a pic and add shortly!
One more page to complete in the LOVE book! Finished the back, no idea why I moved to the back! Got a block on the back of the E Page. Think I have a plan and need to get that done by tomorrow. Got lots of out-of-town company coming and have to prep food and this messy house for that! Have only been doing what I HAD to do to keep my husband off my back!!
Thanks for looking! Can you feel the love and fun I'm having?!!

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