Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best place to purchase Cricut cartridges

Christina commented on my Scrapnsave post that she would like to know where to get cartridges at a good price besides Ebay. is having a huge 48 hours Valentine's sale this week, $15.95 for a 50+ of the cartridges. is having a "winter sale" going on right now. My favorite place to shop is They have the best prices most of the time and they carry the MS cartridges cheaper than anywhere else as well as the Imagine Carts. Most of the time, when these sites are having a sale, they can't even be beat on Ebay unless you are a middle of the night nightowl! ;-) Hope this helps you all looking for great prices on cricut carts. They are having great sales on other things besides Cricut this week too! Check them out! (they should pay me for promoting them...yea right!)
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Jamie said...

Another good place is.. they give you a free two day membership.. and i've bought carts from them before for like $13 each great deal. After two days you're not obligated to but if you want to keep seeing their prices they charge a $9 monthly fee.. (they dont keep track of addresses though I've made numerous accounts and not had to pay the $9 memebership fee). Hope this helps.

GreenScrap said...

I just got Simply Charmed @ Cricut Thanks a lot for the info. TFS!! Take Care!!
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girlia said...

thanks for the info.

Mary said...

Great places to shop!

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